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Retargeting and Geotargeting - The Basics EVERYONE Should Know!

While Biznification Marketing is a full-service marketing company in Las Vegas, offering graphic design, website designs, full-service marketing outsourcing, and more, we also have the ability to offer fantastic Online Marketing techniques like Pay-Per-Click advertising, Retargeting, and Geotargeting.

Since Las Vegas digital marketing seems to always be on the rise, we’re always in dire need to crack down more ways to market a specific industry sector. The way we market something needs to be authentic, as something that worked yesterday might not be relevant today or tomorrow.

Some of the most prominent practices to market a business, product, or service are retargeting and geotargeting. A lot of you might not have ever stumbled across these terms, and that’s ok. Biznification can help you get a better idea about retargeting and geotargeting by explaining what these services are, how they work, and why they are essential.

Let's examine these two amazing tools we have at our disposal.

Retargeting Las Vegas

Have you ever noticed that you look at a website, or a product on Amazon, and then for a few weeks that product shows up online everywhere you go? No, your phone isn't spying on you (mostly), and Facebook isn't listening to your conversations. That is the company of the site you visited implementing the marketing strategy known as retargeting.

Retargeting ads help businesses RE-TARGET the people who have already visited their website, social media profile, or desired link. In simpler terms, we can say that retargeting is a process where we add a simple line of code to your website, and we can track visitors by installing cookies onto their device. This code then has the ability to send ads everywhere your website visitors go. Retargeting keeps reminding them of your service or product. It’s like a follow-up sequence where once the website’s manager has the relevant data, they can follow up the visitors by showing relevant ads, sending e-Mails that include offers, free items, etc.

Digital Marketing Agency Las Vegas - Retargeting and Geotargeting

Even though this specialized marketing tactic is one of the most profound ways of encouraging individuals who have shown interest to rediscover and remember what you sell. This leads to further sales and engagement, but it’s still reserved for digital marketing companies - like Biznification - that have the ability to implement it properly. Retargeting is primarily used by e-com stores, affiliate marketing websites, product-sellers, and service based industries, using Facebook’s Pixel extension.

What we love the most about retargeting is that it’s not very expensive, even for businesses with very low budgets. Firing up this cookie-based technology on a business’s website can be one of the most thoughtful ways of getting customers to return to your website and buy your product or book your service. Understanding the interests that potential visitors of the website hold makes reaching out to them and getting the sale a much easier process.

Geotargeting Las Vegas

Unlike retargeting, geotargeting tracks down the visitors’ location in real-time and learns further about their preferences and interests solely based on that. For instance, if a sports brand is located in the US and a visitor comes to have a look at their website from Australia at the time of the Cricket World Cup, what Geo-Targeting will do is find out the location of this user, and try to examine the country’s condition at that time and what’s trending in that country.

Once it has collected all the relevant data, it’ll realize that The Cricket World Cup is on the verge of starting in Australia. Thus, it’ll showcase the cricket-related products to the visitor or follow up with offers relevant to that. The primary reason this works is that the geotargeting software installed into the system can show relevant products to the users, thus initiating more sales.

Other prime examples of geotargeting would be for a restaurant to target anyone who's cell phone pings inside their competitor's establishment, or a boat dealership targeting anyone who visits Lake Mead. By understanding your potential customer's motivations, you can set up any target you choose. If their cell phone enters within your preset range, it will automatically start sending ads for your company to their various devices.

Again, we love this technique because this is one of the more affordable marketing-tactics for small businesses and websites, even if they’re entrepreneurial start-ups. Not only that, but it is EFFECTIVE! Both retargeting and geotargeting are very precise in their marketing effort and are very powerful tools in the world of digital marketing. Contact Biznification and get started with a Retargeting or Geotargeting campaign today.